Tuesday 19 May 2020

Help During COVID-19

📢 Special COVID19 Notice For Schools and Centres 
These support documents are updated frequently so please check the links.

https://bit.ly/vlmCOVID19Advisory has clinical based resources for the overall management of schools including the latest updates from WHO, CDC, iSOS, NHS, Havard, BMJ. It also is a planning resource looking at how your school and region may reopen and return to outdoor learning. It highlights systems outdoor education already has in place and additional protocols it may have to implement for reopening after easing of lockdown. 

We also continue to support our school clients with activities with our Online Outdoor Skills resource at https://bit.ly/VLMOnlineOutdoor as well as our #stayhomecamp ideas.

We have made available guidance summary notes for people wishing to use Climbing Walls or Ropes Courses during COVID-19 restrictions. The links are http://bit.ly/VLMCOVID19RopesCourses and http://bit.ly/VLMCOVID19ClimbingWalls

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the outdoors in the future!