Tuesday 30 March 2021

Not Just Yet

 📢 Special COVID19 Notice For UK Schools and Centres

We believe like many of you that it's important to get children back into the outdoors and commence outdoor learning trips, however we must do the most we can do and not the most we can get away with -  in order to protect the long term. 

The Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel has produced a concise summary including advice from Governments, National Youth Agency and Public Health. Please download here: https://oeapng.info/downloads/download-info/4-4k-coronavirus/

While we are all excited about seeing children return to educational visits and outdoor learning we are are still a way off residential visits and outdoor education courses. 

We are not saying it won't happen this summer but the "road map steps" pertain initially to individuals and members' of public movement. The complexities of making those protocols work for organised, residential groups are more loaded. The emphasis this time is data not dates, and by this the government will let dates go if the data reflected by the public's ability to stick to the protocols combined with the vaccine rollout does not bring the results that allow the next step to take place. 

#RecreateResponsibly For further information please visit https://www.recreateresponsibly.org/

Wednesday 17 March 2021


New abseil location rigging and SOP writing @UWCSEA_East #outdooreducation #adventure #teachers