Helicopter Services

We offer technical helicopter services, based upon our specialist knowledge of longline, sling loads and technical aircrew training. We can provide operations or training in the areas below, worldwide.

Landing Zones and Marshall Training
For any community or areas where temporary or regular but unofficial landing zones and heli pads are operated. This training provides information and safety signs for local communities and also specific training for those who on a regular basis host helicopter landings for logistical or operational reasons.


Technical Aircrew Member (TCM) and Rescue Personnel Training
We can provide longline sling load training, MERS/HETS/Short Haul Rescue training and well as operations. This can look at the setup acquisition of the equipment, training, and also the key areas where this out performs other helicopter rescue methods.

Air Ambulance Aircrew Workshops
Working with air ambulance crews we can improve SOPS for hovering and technical landing zones and looking to the future a wider scope for air ambulance operations and rescues.

Our technical aircrew (TCM) are AHEMS and AFCEST qualified and we fully advocate the use of CRM and Supervision and Support to all our clients.